Grade Level Programs



A sixth-grade program that recognizes students (quarterly) who consistently demonstrate characteristics of good citizenship. Their respective team of teachers and counselor selects students each marking period. 

Teachers look for students who exhibit the following characteristics:







Students receive certificates and letters are sent home to parents.   A bulletin board display highlights the students.


Afternoon meetings are bi-monthly meetings in which our Character Education curriculum is presented.  The sixth-grade morning meeting theme is Teamwork. This includes three sub-themes of empathy, problem solving, and perseverance.


The day before Thanksgiving has become the annual Character Education Day for sixth graders.  Students work in groups on team building activities and tasks that require them to work together to reach a common goal.


Each year in the Fall the entire 6th grade heads to Camp Bernie for a field trip. It is designed to bring students from all the elementary schools together to get to know their new classmates. Students engage in action socialization experiences or team building activities. The core of the team building challenges presents each group with various obstacles, some more physical in nature than others. Although success is encouraged, the group’s success is not determined by whether they complete a challenge or by how fast, but by the degree to which they make progress working together as a group. Overall, students are engaged in team building and adventure programs and all the educational programs offered act in accordance with the 2010 Core Curriculum Content Standards as set forth by the Department of Education. 


The day before winter break has become the annual Talent Show for any interested sixth graders. Students prepare and showcase their talent either live and in person or in a video to show to the student body. The entire sixth grade meets in the auditorium to celebrate the talent and unique skills of their classmates.


Typically around Memorial Day but dependent on the schedule of our local VFW, we coordinate to have a group of veterans come into WAMS to speak to our sixth grade students. The sixth graders prepare questions and then engage in a presentation, dialogue, and Q&A with a group of veterans from our local VFW here in Basking Ridge. In addition, students are provided with a lesson about the history of Memorial Day and a discussion of the sacrifices made by veterans. Last, the students take part in a team level assembly to learn about the history of military uniforms. Student volunteers are able to wear the authentic uniforms and learn about the essential tools our soldiers need. 


The Peer Leaders group hosts a Family Fun Night for sixth grade students and their families each Fall. The night is designed to bring the students together and create a cohesive community. Teachers work carnival-like stations, provide cotton candy, and give out prizes. 



The 7th-grade teams honor students who exemplify character every marking period. Each team of teachers nominates and votes on students based on their dedication to our "Be Statements". The four "Be Statements" are: Be responsible, Be respectful, Be positive, and Be kind. Students who earn the VIP award display the courage to do the right thing when no one is watching, serve as role models, treat others with respect and kindness, demonstrate responsibility, and act with integrity. This award recognizes the actions of the true VIPs at William Annin. The seventh-grade teachers are proud of these students and their accomplishments and recognize their efforts at making our community a better place.



Afternoon meetings are bi-monthly meetings in which our Character Education curriculum is presented. The theme for 7th Grade is Self-Awareness. This includes four sub-themes of Getting to Know Each Other, Goal Setting, Self-Awareness, and Continuing to Thrive.



Each year the students learn about a dark time in our world’s history in order to understand the importance of respect, acceptance, tolerance, and preventing social injustices.  In Social Studies students are introduced to historical events leading to the World Wars and the rise of Nazi Germany, with the key goal of helping students realize the importance of protecting basic human rights for all humanity. Students will learn about the economic and social factors in Europe and Nazi Germany that created a climate capable of carrying out a genocide.  In English, students are involved in a historical fiction literature circle during which they read selections, such as Soldier X and Milkweed,  demonstrating different aspects of World War II and the Holocaust. In Language Arts, students read nonfiction texts to learn about multiple perspectives of the Holocaust and read I Never Saw Another Butterfly.  Finally, the seventh grade honors those lost and affected by hosting a Holocaust Remembrance Day during which students focus on activities that focus on bullying prevention, acceptance, and advocacy.  Holocaust survivor Tova Friedman speaks to the students about her experiences in the ghettos and liberation from Auschwitz. In 2017 our Holocaust Remembrance Day was awarded as a Promising Practice by


Seventh grade students have the opportunity to celebrate unity while cheering for their knights upon their attendance at a royal feast and joust at Medieval Times. The show's purpose is not only to give students a glimpse into the past, but also to teach how the code of chivalry can still guide us with its SEL lessons of charity, respect, empathy and honesty.



Each year, eighth graders at William Annin are invited to attend an end of year field trip. The trip is an extension of many parts of the middle school curriculum and it is also a special culminating experience for the middle school years. All eighth graders at William Annin are invited to participate in an extended day excursion to Hersheypark in Hershey, PA. The day involves chartered coach buses for the two hour and 30 minute drive from WAMS to Hershey, PA and back.  At Hersheypark students will go on rides, visit the zoo, play games, create memories, spend time with friends, and enjoy a catered team picnic before heading home. 



At least three times a year, the 8th grade team teachers recognize students as a "Student Star." The criteria for this recognition are good moral character, evidence of school contributions, concern for others, a cooperative spirit, respect for school and others, and a demonstrated sense of responsibility. The award is not academically based, but intended to recognize those students who serve as a role model for their peers. Recipients of the award are recognized by their team teachers and their name appears in the Viking Voice.


Afternoon meetings are bi-monthly meetings in which our Character Education curriculum is presented. The theme for 8th Grade is Community. This includes four sub-themes of empowerment, giving, service, and environment.

8TH GRADE CELEBRATION  (sponsored by the PTO)

This end of year onsite celebration is held on an afternoon in June, outside with a live DJ.  Eighth graders from every team have the opportunity, as an entire grade, to commemorate their time together at WAMS as they sign yearbooks, play games, enjoy lunch, and listen to music.

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