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2020 WAMS March Madness Tournament of Books has gone virtual!
Join in the fun - vote your favorite books to move on to the next round. Round 3 has now officially concluded. We have 2 great books going into Round 4, the Championships! 
Vote for your favorite book to be crowned the WAMS 2020 Tournament of Books WINNER by voting using the Round 4 Voting Ballot Form
Here is our remaining Battle Rounds schedule:

Championship Round: Tues April 14 - Thurs April 16


We will announce the WINNER on Friday, April 17 via the Friday Folder and this webpage!


The WAMS Media Center Learning Commons strives to be a premier physical and virtual learning resource for students and staff to to ensure they are effective users and creators of ideas and information, empowered critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful inquiry-based learners, and ethical users of information, by assisting them in meeting the informational and digital challenges of locating, using, evaluating, synthesizing, creating and sharing information and knowledge in a globally competitive and rapidly changing 21st century environment.


The WAMS Media Center Learning Commons is an integral physical and virtual learning space for the school and reflects the philosophy and goals of the school and the district. The MC Learning Commons program emphasizes four main areas of learning; collaboration, reading, multiple literacies (digital, media, information, technology) and inquiry, ensuring that all students and staff have access to quality information 24/7 and the digital, information, media and technology literacy skills to be successful in the globally competitive 21st century. Students collaborate with each other and the community, identify real-world problems, generate questions and use inquiry-based research and learning skills to locate, access, evaluate and synthesize information in order to understand, think critically and problem solve the issues. The WAMS Media Center Learning Commons program supports students in being active participants in their learning, to identify and innovatively solve authentic problems and to effectively create physical and digital products to share their learning with appropriate audiences, while adhering to best ethical and digital citizenship practices. This program also provides staff with resources, tools, and support to meet the demands of effectively delivering curriculum and integrating educational technology in the core content areas. In partnership with educators, Board of Education, and the community, the MC Learning Commons program strives to instill in students the habits of mind and character that will make them lifelong readers and learners, and effective and independent users of information and technology. The MC Learning Commons program is guided by regular reflection and assessment on student learning and needs.

MC Learning Commons Staff

Mrs. Deb Goetjen, Media Specialist, 
Mrs. Barbara Kleinert, Media Assistant, 
Mrs. Debra Scharff, Media Assistant, 

Hours: 7:25 am - 3:25 pm Phone: 908-204-2610 Ext. 108